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Connecting talent to Data Spaces!

Tidal-X is a specialist focused talent partner focused on connecting talent to Data spaces throughout Europe. With knowledge for over 20 years in the data domain.

Why Tidal-X?

Expertise in Data Spaces

We excel at fueling Innovation through building teams focused on Data Sovereignty.

Why use data spaces?

Make informed decisions,
drive innovation

The concept of data spaces is still in its early stages of development, but it is a promising approach to data sharing and management. Data spaces have the potential to revolutionize the way that data is used and shared, and to create new opportunities for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Improve data access and usability

Data spaces make it easier for organisations to access and use data that is relevant to their needs.

Promote innovation

Data spaces can help to foster innovation by providing a platform for organisations to share and collaborate.

Boost economic growth

Data spaces can help to boost economic growth by creating new opportunities for businesses and organisations.

Contribute to a green future

Data spaces can power a greener future by enabling collaboration and data-driven insights for sustainable practices

What is a data space?

A data space is a secure, federated infrastructure that enables trusted data sharing and exchange between different parties.


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