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a group of cubes that are on a black surface

What is a Data Space?

A data space stands as a fortified, federated infrastructure, fostering secure data sharing and exchange among diverse entities. Emerging as a pivotal concept in the European Union, it serves as a catalyst for promoting data sovereignty, innovation, and economic growth.

At its core, data spaces operate on the bedrock of data sovereignty principles, ensuring that data owners maintain control over their information. This marks a departure from conventional data sharing models where centralised repositories and third-party providers often dictate access and usage.

Designed with a federated approach, data spaces seamlessly interconnect with each other, paving the way for the creation of dynamic data ecosystems. Within these ecosystems, data becomes a fluid entity, facilitating shared exchanges across various industries and sectors. Embark on a journey through data spaces – the bridge to controlled, collaborative, and interconnected data landscapes.


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